New Year, New Me?

8 Jan 18
​First of all, I wish you all a very happy New Year! Can’t believe we’re already living in 2018 – where did the time go? Already half-way through my board year; time to start finishing up my thesis; left my childhood house forever – literally, it has been sold;...
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It's That Time of the Year Again: The Top 2000!

18 Dec 17
By Roland van Erven - As a music fan (okay, who isn't a music fan?), one of my favourite months of the year is December. This is not due to all the Christmas songs you hear on the radio, in supermarkets or basically everywhere you are. No, this is all because of the magical and so-called ''list of all lists'': The Top 2000....
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Lena's Literature Impressions

15 Dec 17
Welcome, dear reader, to my Literature Impressions. Amongst the plethora of books and writings out there, we all have very different tastes in what we choose to read in our [not so] spare time....
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Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Dutch Winter Weather!

14 Dec 17
By Aaron Beard - There are so many things about The Netherlands; it has a vibrant social atmosphere, great beer, and I mean have you tried the fries? It doesn’t get much better than that. However, there is one area in which The Netherlands ranks pretty low in my book: the weather....
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