November Impressions

20 Nov 17
​By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - Next to exams, papers, and cold ass weather that makes you not wanna leave the house, my November has been surprisingly full of books, music, shows, and more. Some of them are, in my humble opinion, worth spreading...
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A Timeless Disgrace, by Modern Standards

14 Nov 17
​By Nick Schmitz - When Jules Verne wrote Le Tour du Monde en Quatre-Vingts Jours, he produced a child of its time. It became an adventure novel which glorified and romanticised the white man’s world’s colossal technological advancements in the past decades...
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Magnificently Misleading

10 Nov 17
​By Sonia Juillet - Often, when people come to Rotterdam, they’re eager to discover this dynamic and open city. You’ve probably heard about the modernity of this metropolis, the friendliness of the local population and, of course...
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23 May 19
Medieval Meal/ Middeleeuwsch Mael
30 May 19
Social Drink
4 Jun 19
The Grand Graffiti Experience
7 Jun 19
SGN on the beach
14 Jul 19
Long Trip 2019: Morocco
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