‘Fear’ or ‘between the lines’

10 Oct 17
By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - This time was a sentence. Sometimes it’s just thoughts, maybe a word or an action and everything around me falls into the background and the chaos takes over. Rational thoughts are being overwritten; my heart thinks I’m running for my life and tells the rest of my body the same. Or is my life being threatened?...
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A Devastating Message

6 Oct 17
By Berdan Kaplan - This June, the multibillion dollar streaming company: Netflix, decided to deliver a devastating message to thousands of fans from all around the world. The science fiction drama web television series Sense8 had been cancelled and we’re all still mourning....
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The Power of Literature

3 Oct 17
By Julia Murphy - For centuries, the importance of literature has been reiterated, reaffirmed, and revived. Most today have been raised with books in their home, were told fairytales before bedtime, and have studied influential classics in school. Perhaps, many remain unable to explain how the presence of the different literature that surrounded them influenced who they are today. However, it is safe to assume that the existence of these books has defined everyone to an extent....
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A day in the life: International Student at EUR

29 Sep 17
​By Saaiqa Merali - Swoosh! The sound of a new message arriving in your brand new, slightly confusing student email inbox. Just the lecturer, letting you know that you should have no problem submitting that assignment- the Turnitin platform issue has been resolved, and the deadline is still set for tonight. You sigh audibly, thinking about your reference list and if you’ve edited it twice, or maybe thrice?...
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