Magnificently Misleading

10 Nov 17
​By Sonia Juillet - Often, when people come to Rotterdam, they’re eager to discover this dynamic and open city. You’ve probably heard about the modernity of this metropolis, the friendliness of the local population and, of course...
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About the Creative Sector - with Naomi Russell

7 Nov 17
​By Celine Tandoyo - ​Sitting in the Cultural Organisations class for my study (Master Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship), I was inspired by the many practical experiences that the professor was sharing with the entire class...
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Messaging in School: the Evolution

3 Nov 17
By Klara Weygand - ​Remember the times in elementary school when you were still just a kid and felt super bored in class so you started to find ways of entertaining yourself? As a kid I loved sending notes to my friends. You'd tear a piece of paper from your notebook – usually a top right corner – scribble something on it to start a conversation. Krsssssch and you are caught. So you had to fake a cough or wait for the moment everyone is going through pages of their textbook since that could muffle the sound....
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Message: Digital Communication

31 Oct 17
By Aaron Beard - What is a message? Really, think about it, what is a message? Well in the 21st century, a message is generally a means of digital communication. Every day all of our phones are bombed with texts, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages, and even those sneaky Instagram dms! We tend to not notice this trend because it is becoming so heavily ingrained in the 21st-century society, but it is now a fact that the average adult spends at least 3 hours on their phone each day....
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