A day in the life: International Student at EUR

29 Sep 17
​By Saaiqa Merali - Swoosh! The sound of a new message arriving in your brand new, slightly confusing student email inbox. Just the lecturer, letting you know that you should have no problem submitting that assignment- the Turnitin platform issue has been resolved, and the deadline is still set for tonight. You sigh audibly, thinking about your reference list and if you’ve edited it twice, or maybe thrice?...
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Meet the new Editor-in-Chief and Chairman!

27 Sep 17
​The new academic year is up and running. That means it is time to kick off a new EmbrACE Magazine year as well! In this short introduction, we would like to introduce ourselves and the magazine we work for....
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Trouble with ordering your books? ACE to the rescue!

31 Aug 17
Hey all! We have caught on to some confusion regarding the booksale; or rather, how to ensure you attain your discount, which you are entitled to if you are a member :) So, we thought we’d give you a short explanation as to how to make sure you get the discount you deserve. You can follow along this explanation with the screenshots added below!...
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2 Bachelors; Tips and Tricks

20 Apr 17
Deadlines for applying for your studies are approaching! Are you still not sure whether to do a second bachelor or not? Right now, I am enrolled in 2 bachelors at the same time; History and Fiscal Law. This is not a combined program, I actually follow 2 bachelors. In this article, I will tell you how I do it, and give you some tips and tricks....
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