Compass of shame

27 Oct 17
By Sonia Juillet - Radios crackling. Sirens blaring. Red and blue lights flashing. It’s a situation I never thought I’d ever find myself in and it terrified me. The uniformed woman and man standing in front of me smiled encouragingly as I stuttered and stumbled my way through my statement. I felt cold. I felt lost. I had never had to deal with such an experience before. What is one supposed to do?...
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Message: The issue with the two blue check marks

24 Oct 17
By Ina Weber - Work, the household, worrying about the future, procrastinating instead of studying and then worrying even more - there are many things which make our life a bit more uncomfortable than it could be. While some causes of stress cannot be deleted from our daily agenda, many of them could be avoided easily. Especially our beloved smartphones are one of these actually unnecessary sources of stress, but they also fulfill an incredibly important function: communication....
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Swimming or Diving: Dutch language and culture

20 Oct 17
By Celine Tandoyo - Ignorance is bliss. When I first came to the Netherlands to study, which is exactly two years ago, this tiny country amazed me. I came here with five Indonesian friends, so we explored the vibrant cities and lovely old architecture together. Mostly, it was the places, buildings, and tourist spots that kept us entertained during our first months. One of the best things about the Netherlands is that everyone speaks perfect English. Thus, we were able to settle in easily without any language hassle....
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17 Oct 17
​By Polina Novikova - In 1784 a Japanese seaman Chunosuke Matsuyama had ventured on an ambitious search for treasure, but soon found himself shipwrecked on a deserted island. As a desperate call for help, he decided to set adrift a message in a bottle and hope for someone to discover it; that indeed happened, yet more than a century later, as in 1935, the message was found by a seaweed collector. But what if Matsuyama went on his fateful voyage today?...
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