17 Oct 17
​By Polina Novikova - In 1784 a Japanese seaman Chunosuke Matsuyama had ventured on an ambitious search for treasure, but soon found himself shipwrecked on a deserted island. As a desperate call for help, he decided to set adrift a message in a bottle and hope for someone to discover it; that indeed happened, yet more than a century later, as in 1935, the message was found by a seaweed collector. But what if Matsuyama went on his fateful voyage today?...
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What is your story?

13 Oct 17
By Cassandra Langenskiöld - ​“Tell me your story”. Though just 4 small words, it’s a sentence packed with meaning. We are constantly bombarded with the idea that everything we do, everything we see, has a message. Whether it is curating that perfect Instagram feed, writing your 100th cover letter, or just introducing yourself to new friends, telling the tale of your life isn’t as easy as it seems....
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Online Marketing & Communications Intern

13 Oct 17
​Would you like to work for the leading funding platform that is disrupting the market, and help us realize our international growth ambitions? We can offer a great experience with the freedom to conceive, build and execute projects based on what you believe can help us grow fastest....
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‘Fear’ or ‘between the lines’

10 Oct 17
By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - This time was a sentence. Sometimes it’s just thoughts, maybe a word or an action and everything around me falls into the background and the chaos takes over. Rational thoughts are being overwritten; my heart thinks I’m running for my life and tells the rest of my body the same. Or is my life being threatened?...
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