Every Reason, Every Effect

28 Jun 18
By Sonia Juillet - She’s sitting across from you and you can’t help but observe her from over the top of your computer. You shouldn’t stare, you know if she notices your gaze...
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Office Hours During The Summer

18 Jun 18
The end of the academic year is getting closer, the sun will hopefully soon start shining again and ACE is going into its last week of office days!...
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Berdan's Binge-Watch Corner #7

15 Jun 18
Dear readers, my name is Berdan and welcome to my binge-watch corner. As for today, I will monthly update you with the best recommendations when it comes to binge-watching. Whether it’s movies or series, whether it’s comedy or horror, drama or science fiction...
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31 Jan 19
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22 Feb 19
Short trip 2019 to Helsinki
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