Summer office hours

23 Jun 19
Starting the 24th of June, the office will be closed. If you want to talk to one of the board members, you can always contact us and make an appointment....
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Meet the future 38th Board!

17 Jun 19
Excited about the applicants for the 38th Board? So are we! Although it will still be a while before they will be an acting board, we just couldn't wait to tell you more about them! So here we go:...
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Youth Cultures in the UK

30 May 19
During the summer of 1964, English newspapers were filled with news about violence on the beaches in the south. The country was shocked to hear youngster hurt each other in......
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18 Feb 20
ACE Career Days 2020
26 Feb 20
Board Interest Drink #1
28 Feb 20
Short Trip: Naples & Pompeii
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