Letters - LLI #5

27 Apr 18
By Lena Mingzhu Weiberlenn - ​​In last month’s Literature Impression, letters played quite a big role. This time, I want to talk about them again. Specifically, about letter collections. On my 15th birthday, I remember...
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Now You Sia, Now You Don’t

26 Apr 18
By Berdan Kaplan - Sia Kate Isabelle Furler was born December 1975, in Adelaide Australia, and she is one of Aussie’s main gems, alongside Chris Hemsworth and Isla Fisher. We all know her as Sia and if you still have no idea who I’m talking about: she swings from the chandelier...
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Doing A Board Year Means...

25 Apr 18
Being part of the board of ACE can mean a lot of things. If you’d ask any of the board members, they will probably need about two days to list everything. Now, we get that this might not be the most pleasant way to get your information, so therefore we listed the most...
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There Is A Way To Step Into Your Favourite Series

23 Apr 18
By Roland van Erven - ''We are in the golden age of TV series'', is what a lot of people say when talking about the quality of television series nowadays. Since a few years, Bingewatching has entered our vocabulary and with Netflix and others streaming services, we watch more and more tv series...
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