Become the Secretary of the 37th Board!

29 Mar 18
Reading this will be the best choice you’ll make today. ACE’s Secretary is responsible for the written communication with the association’s members, former board members, brother and sister associations, and third parties. This means that you carry the great responsibility...
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Become the Chairman of the 37th Board!

27 Mar 18
For those that like a challenge, look no further! Being a Chairman is one of the toughest but also most rewarding positions there is. The entire well-being of the organization rests upon your shoulders. Basically, your function is to lead. This makes it the...
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Do Billions Make China a Football Nation?

27 Mar 18
By Matthias de Heer - In one of my favourite television programmes, Door het Hart van China [Through the Heart of China], the Dutch-yet-fluently-Chinese-speaking documentary maker Ruben Terlou travels through China and comes across the most amazing stories...
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From Bathroom to Private Wellness

23 Mar 18
​By Celine Tandoyo - The bathroom has evolved from a place merely for cleaning oneself to a space for relaxation. Especially in this hyper-busy era where people are constantly bombarded by information and multitasking, people need a personal moment where they can pause...
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25 May 18
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31 May 18
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A Short Trip
20 Jun 18
Fourth General Assembly
13 Jul 18
Long Trip 2018: Georgia!
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