Take a Dive: the 2018 ACE Expo

9 Apr 18
By Cassandra Langenskiöld - From the 19th to the 22nd of March, among the hustle and bustle of Witte de With, WORM was transformed into a whole new world; ACE’s Dive Festival delivered an eclectic mixture of visual art and performance with a pinch of high fashion and dance, where students and artists fused together to discover new talent and experience great works of art....
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Become the Treasurer of the 37th Board!

2 Apr 18
Always wanted to feel like the monopoly man? Have more gold diggers than Kanye? Handle more mulah than Uncle DUO? If that is the case, then Treasurer is the job for you! As Treasurer you will become the financial centre of ACE, an all-seeing deity...
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Bitterblues - LLI #4

30 Mar 18
​Recently, I’ve been looking for an outlet for an emotion that is pretty all-consuming. Grief. I’ve actively been scrolling through my music library to find songs that channel that grief and let me feel it – pure, raw, and heart wrenching. That sometimes works, but the songs aren’t...
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Become the Secretary of the 37th Board!

29 Mar 18
Reading this will be the best choice you’ll make today. ACE’s Secretary is responsible for the written communication with the association’s members, former board members, brother and sister associations, and third parties. This means that you carry the great responsibility...
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27 Jun 18
Pancake Boat (and balls)
28 Jun 18
Last Social Drink
13 Jul 18
Long Trip 2018: Georgia!
18 Aug 18
Become the Internal Relations Manager of the 37th Board!
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