Panel: Future of ESHCC

10 May 2019

Dear students of ESHCC, we need your attention. 

Did you know, there are currently ongoing discussions about the future for ESHCC? This involves questioning whether ESHCC should even exist as a standalone faculty, or be better merged with ESSB, the faculty of social sciences, or ESPhil, the school of philosophy. Part of the argument is that joining forces could produce added value in terms of research, education, support staff, and visibility globally. But which option is the best? What do our faculty staff think about it? What are the benefits of either choice?

We ask you this, students of ESHCC: Are you concerned about the future of your faculty? Are you eager to share your opinion about important decisions made regarding your faculty, your future? Then make your voice heard at our panel discussion. We invite you to join us and ask questions and bring up any concerns or doubts that you may have. Unable to make it? Then you can also email us your questions on 

What: Panel Discussion

Topic: Future of ESHCC

When:16th May, 15:00-17:00.

Where: Polak 2-07

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