Saaiqa Takes On… Break-Ups

14 May 2018

By Saaiqa Merali - Ah, break ups. They’re the worst, aren’t they? Where did it all go wrong? Was it ever going right? Are you sad? No, you’re angry. Or both. You’ll be fine. You don’t need them. Or anybody. Heck, you can take on the world. There’s nothing you can’t do! Except you want to do it with them. But they’re gone now. Are you sad?

Yeah, your emotions are all over the place. Best thing for it? A break up playlist that takes you through all of your phases. EmbrACE has got you covered, with the ultimate break up playlist, compiled by our editors and you, the readers! Here’s a list of some of your favourites:

1. Chasing Pavements- Adele

"The only break up I experienced was quite painful because I did not expect it all. At first, I was really sad and listened to quite emotional songs because I felt like the singer perfectly describes what you are going through in some sense. Artists that do this perfectly well are Adele and Sam Smith for example. After a while however the emotional songs did not make me feel better end I listened to more happy tunes because maybe I got over it in some sense". - Julia, 19, Woerden

2. "Bruises" - Lewis Capaldi

"In the beginning, I am usually pretty sad and keep on listening to my favourite 'sad' songs, like this one. Because in the beginning you are usually really heartbroken and miss the person you broke up with. But after a few days/weeks of being sad about it, I would start to listen to more uplifting music". - Mascha, 19, Moscow

3. In the End – Linkin Park

"I think mainly cause it’s a good song to sing at the top of your lungs and get the emotions out". - Mark, 26, Rotterdam

4. “Amnesia" 5 Seconds of Summer

"It’s kinda depressing but the words are so true, and I can really relate to them. Because all the little things that made you like the person even more are probably the most painful. You just keep holding on to those tiny moments. And if it were possible to simply forget them it would make it all so much easier." - Anonymous, 18, Rotterdam

5. Don’t Speak - No Doubt

"What I l like about this song is how simple yet spot on the lyrics are. To me, it’s about losing someone so close to you that you can guess their thoughts even when things are not as good as they used to be. It translates one of the harshest aspects of breaking up, which is having to let go of that bond, that intimacy in order to be able to move on." - Bettina, 23, Brussels

6. Puke- Eminem

"Because after a break up, anger makes you feel less pain. This song brings up anger in me and helps me to feel better for a short period." - Wesley, 23, Rotterdam

7. Nuvole Bianche - Ludovico Eunadi

"I know this song because of her. We were in his concert in Athens in 2013. When I first heard this melody and the feelings I had that moment for that person - I have no words to describe it. After we broke up, I used to listen to this all day. To be honest, I'm not sure if it helped me to 'move forward'. All I know is that it accompanied that sense of incompleteness that I was feeling." - R., 28, Rotterdam

8. We Are Never Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

"I like this song because it is fun, chill, humorous and it is about being totally sure about the decision to break up!" - Anna, 23, Rotterdam

9. Break Up Song- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

"A Bollywood party is one way to dance away the negative feelings! Especially this one, aptly titled ‘Break Up Song’ - the lyrics and the beat are perfect to remind you of how fun you are on your own!" - Anonymous, 24, Mombasa

10. Sin Pijama- Becky G, Natti Natasha

"After my break-up I focused less on trying to forget the person I’d broken up with and more on doing things that made me happy, more often. So even the music I liked was kind of amplified in a positive way. Eventually you fall into your rhythm again. This song definitely distracted me (check out the video clip, it’ll make more sense)!" - Karim, 22, Rotterdam

11. Raining Men – Rihanna

"This song because it reminds me that I have options, and no one should feel too entitled (:" - Anonymous, 23, Rotterdam

12. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

"Well first I’d start off with Rihanna, all a little more dramatic. Basically, Rihanna is just awesome. And then chill with some Bob Marley." - Anonymous, 22, Rotterdam

13. April Come She Will - Simon and Garfunkel

"Because it’s beautiful. It shows the time which passes and starts again. As life, as seasons, as love." - Emmanuel

14. Keistuoliu Teatras - Meiles Nera

"This one, because words mean so much more in your own language. Because this is true put in the simplest words and tells you what you feel when you're just a mess inside. It doesn't help me to feel better, but rather to admit the truth, and think about it." - Agne, 20, Vilnius

15. The boy who Blocked his own Shot

"This song has the perfect angst level for a breakup track. It’s kinda mellow so it’ll be a good buffer between the true ranting screaming tunes. But it’s also pop/punk/emo-rock enough that it won’t totally bum you out. The lyrics also sound like one person talking to their ex-partner - which lends itself well to all the conversations you’re having in your head with your ex (yes, we all do that)." - Kate, 26, Washington DC

16. Keep Your Head Up- Ben Howard

"I guess because it reminds you that ‘all I was searching for was me’ and how important it is to remember that when you break up with someone you don’t lose yourself, basically the opposite: only you know what’s actually happening inside you and how to help yourself, so you have to trust and believe in yourself BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT. But someone has to remind you about it and Howard is one of them." - Lauryna, 19, Vilnius

17. Survivor – Destiny’s Child

"This is great to shout out with if you need to regain your strong mindset." - Jolien, 27, Mwanza

18. Ur So Gay- Katy Perry

"Lovely lyrics to diss someone and is very cheery, so afterwards you'll feel like the queen of the world!" - Tessa, 18, Delft

19. This Is Me – Keala Settle

"So, my 'breakup' music, after the end of a very healthy, happy relationship with a person who always made my world bigger and never smaller, is not angry or rage-y or about revenge or even moving on or ceasing to care and love this person, but about self-empowerment. I listened to this a lot after losing an important lens, part of myself, and a part of my life that will forever be meaningful to me—but I need to learn to be my whole self without him." - Mark, 31, London/ Tampa/ Nairobi/ Pangani

20. Hosanna- Kirk Franklin

"I have a long playlist to take me through my emotions, but I’ve got to end with thanking my God for removing demons from my life 😂😂😂" - Anonymous, 21, Almere

There you have it! Our readers really came through with suggestions for this playlist, and while we couldn’t fit all the stories on here, we managed to put it all together on EmbrACE breaks up: click here to hear it all!


Thank you to everyone that contributed to the playlist! We have a full range of emotions thanks to:

  • Jorn, 23, Eindhoven
  • Helen, 25, Guildford
  • Shamya, 23, Mwanza
  • Tom, 18, Numansdorp
  • Thibault, 20, Antwerp
  • Zahra, 35, Mwanza
  • Teemu, 24, Finland
  • Berdan, 18, Bergen op Zoom
  • Romy, 22, Rotterdam
  • Noemi, 24, Munich
  • Steve, 27, Boston
  • Ina, 25, Rotterdam
  • Steph, 29, London Ontario
  • Marianne, 20, Den Haag

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