Trouble with ordering your books? ACE to the rescue!

31 August 2017

Hey all!

We have caught on to some confusion regarding the booksale; or rather, how to ensure you attain your discount, which you are entitled to if you are a member. So, we thought we’d give you a short explanation as to how to make sure you get the discount you deserve. You can follow along this explanation with the screenshots added below!

It doesn’t matter for this method if you’ve already signed up for ACE> or not, you can sign up during the process!

* For those of you who want to sign up for ACE> while ordering your books at the same time, skip ahead until the bold text *

First off, navigate from our homepage (, to the Portal button (#1)

You’ll get to this page (#2) next. Click the Register button to proceed, as you have yet to pick a password. You’ll encounter a form which will look mostly familiar, if you had already signed up with us before (#3); however, we do ask you to fill in all data again (it helps us with the database). You’ll notice the section on the lower end of the form where you can pick a password for your account; go right ahead with filling out your information and hit Submit.

After this, you’ll be sent back to the Portal page with a message in green saying that your account has been registered.

Now head over to the Booksale website (#4). This is very straightforward, but click this (#5) button. You can also head over there directly by going to, as soon as you have registered your account.

Now you’ll be on the actual book purchasing site (#6), and pick the study and the year you belong to as you normally would. Here you select whether you’re already a member (option 1), if you’d like to become a member (2), or don’t want to become a member at all (option 3, remember that this means you get no discount).

 This next part is where the process of creating a password comes into play (#8). Be aware, as this section only applies to those who have signed up for ACE> at an earlier time; * if you are signing up for ACE> (yearly fee of 20 euros) at the same time you are ordering your books from us, make sure to fill out your data under the ‘Registreren’ tab.*

Coming back to the password creation process: make sure to click the ‘’ik heb al een account’’ (I already have an account) tab, where you can fill in your username (your registered e-mail address), and your newly created password (#9).

You should now be able to complete your purchase successfully. Enjoy your new books, and good luck this study year!

If any questions remain, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to, or to swing by our office located at M7-45!

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