What You Should Know about Doing A Board Year

27 January 2020

We're only halfway through the year, but the current 38th board is already taking the first steps for the next board of ACE! A board year is an extremely valuable experience, allowing you to grow personally and professionally. Of course, it is also great fun! To give you a little more insight, we provide you with a list of what "Doing A Board Year Means..."

… Actively influencing ACE. That’s kind of what being in a board is about. You do a board year because you love ACE and want to see things go smoothly. This is the way to let your voice be heard.  

… Working in a professional environment. As the board of our Faculty Association you’re not just a student anymore, but also responsible for running an important association for the students of our Faculty. 

… Learning how to deal with stress. Just like during the ‘normal’ academic year there are terms when it’s way busier than others. Now don’t panic. Not every board member will have these moments at the same time. Together, you’ll learn how to plan and make sure everything is still done in time, because that’s what a team is for. 

… Responsibility. ACE has approximately 900 members and it is your responsibility to make sure they’re up-to-date on all that’s important. Quite the responsibility yeah, but trust us, it’s worth it. 

… Building a great CV. A board year will look great on your CV. You learn so many valuable things and these days companies really want to see the things you participated in besides getting your degree. 

Getting to know a lot of people. This already starts with all the Board Announcement Drinks when you get introduced as a new board to all the other associations. You’ll get to know your brother-associations and of course your board better. From Eurekaweek on, you’ll also meet new (and old) members and form new friendships. 

Getting tired of always wearing a suit. Because of all the events you need to wear your suit to, it’ll feel like a second home. This however doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a good thing. At least you’ll look cool. 

… Coffee. The so-called ‘Druppel’ – the thing you need to get coffee out of the coffee machine without paying yourself – will become your best friend. This one is also beneficial when it comes to maintaining that perfect relation within the team as you’re expected to ask who’d like coffee as well.

If you have questions regarding a board year at ACE, or about any board position in particular, please feel free to stop by the ACE Office (M7-50). We are more than happy to provide you with more information and tell you about our experiences. You can also send an e-mail to info@ifaace.nl.

All the love,

The 38th Board of IFA ACE

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