Ethics and War: A brief History of the Just War Theory

Wars are often seen as regrettable and to prevent them is better. Wars are, however, common behaviour in the relations between peoples and countries. Therefore philosophers, jurists and theologians thought about concepts to separate just and unjust wars. They came up with the just war theory. What is being seen as a just war and how did this theory evolve through the centuries....
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SGN dag

​GESCHIEDENIS STUDENTEN OPGELET! Op 20 februari 2015 vindt de jaarlijkse SGN-dag plaats, ditmaal in het idyllische Nijmegen! Het ochtendprogramma wordt gehouden op de universiteit en zal bestaan uit lezingen over de jaren ’60. ...
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ACE presents: Interfaculty Gala!

Suit up! On the 15th of January the annual gala will be hosted by Cedo Nulli, FAECTOR, FBMG, In Duplo and ACE. Tickets will be available NOW/FRIDAY at your study association. All members can buy up to two tickets, which have to be paid for by the same person. Drinks will be free and include soda, beer, wine, and a few types of liquor. ...
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Join the Erasmus Charity Run!

This year ACE will compete in the Erasmus Charity Run that will take place during the Rotterdam Marathon event on Sunday the 12th of April 2015! So do you want to mean something for other people? And is one of your New Year’s resolutions to start running (again)? Do not hesitate any longer and sign up for the Charity Run! ...
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