​The Exchange struggles: studying, snow and snacks

15 Dec 16
Seems like all good things indeed must come to an end. Although this is a little more dramatic than the reality really is, I just have to share that my bubble has been disrupted. I was flying high when it popped and now I have to come back to earth. I had to wake up from my dream and join the rest of the world in everyday life again. In normal words: I have to start studying....
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Christmas Break

15 Dec 16
The 35th Board wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! During the break, our office will be closed. We hope to see you again in 2017. Happy Holidays!...
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The girl who tries to do it all

7 Nov 16
​Last time I wrote about starting one of the biggest journeys of my life so far: exchange. Now it’s two and a half months later. I am actually in Ottawa and I freaking love it here. There is so much to do, so much to see and unfortunately too little time. How do you fit all that into just four months? I have literally no clue, but I do know that you should try to do as much as you like. Here follows the story of how I’m doing that....
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A letter to myself.

13 Oct 16
What happens when you start the dialogue with yourself? Who knows you better then you? I started a discussion with Me, and interesting things started to happen!...
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