About us

ACE > is the international faculty association of the faculty Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC).

The goal of the association is to maintain the study interests and to broaden the perspectives of the students. Specifically, the association organizes study trips, lectures, excursions, workshops and much more! ACE > aims to create a connection between the students and their study. Students are able to participate in several committees, in which they can develop their social and organizational skills and will become an active part within the organization.

About the name
ACE, when defined, means someone who is extremely skillful in a particular area or ability. Therefore 'acing something', means to perform with distinction. When you join the association this is exactly what the association will help you to do. You are doing that one extra thing. You are acing your social skills, future, career and other things by practicing those skills at our association!

This year's board 

Danielle van Kalken    Chairman LinkedIn danielle
Dylan van der Torre   Secretary and PR Manager LinkedIn Dylan van der Torre
Jorn Schulting   Treasurer LinkedIn jorn
Saskia Cluistra   Internal Relations Manager and Vice Chairman LinkedIn saskia
Naomi van Kalken    Marketing Manager and Editor-in-Chief             LinkedIn naomi van kalken

We, the 35th board, are thrilled to dedicate one year of our lives to this association, to give ACE> our personal stamp and to maintain the long-term goals. By focusing mainly on deepening and broadening the studies of our members and on acquisition, we hope to do so. By focusing on the long-term goal of acquisition the association will become more well-known among business. Now that ACE> is getting more and more recognized on campus, by fellow associations and by our own faculty, we want businesses to become familiar with us as well. By attracting more funds, we get the opportunity to grow, which will help us realize our goals.

ACE> organizes both social and educational activities. This gives our members a wide range of activities to choose from. This year our focus is on educational activities that will broaden and deepen the studies of the ESHCC students. By giving committees the responsibility of organizing these events that are important for the study and career of students, we hope to realize this goal. Organizing educational activities as well as focussing on committees, also includes 2 focus areas: Freshmen and Internationalization. The educational and social events organized this year will be interesting for freshmen as well as senior students. All activities and communication will be in English, as it is our main language. Freshmen and internationals should feel welcome to join all activities within ACE>.

We will achieve all of this by working in a professional way. By being the first full-time board of ACE>, our commitment is to the fullest. We will inform our members about activities on time and in a proper manner. We will keep a close relationship with the faculty, since this is very important for our collaboration. Accessibility is important to us because we are the face of ACE>, this means we have to be approachable and reachable for all members and third parties.

Creating a community in which all members feel welcome is also one of our goals this year. We want ACE> to become an association where all students studying one of our study directions feel comfortable and at home.

The 35th board is sure this will be yet another great year for ACE>!