embrACE Magazine

embrACE magazine is the magazine of ESHCC and faculty association ACE. embrACE magazine binds students with the faculty and society by opinions and background stories about culture, history and media. embrACE is published four times a year and articles will also be posted on the website throughout the year. All members of ACE will receive a copy of the magazine. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the magazine, please send an email to editorinchief@ifaace.nl.

We are looking for the new Embrace Chairman

30 May 17
Have you always wanted to work at a magazine? This is your chance! We are looking for a new committee chairman, someone who wants to work together with our editor-in-chief next year to get the most potential out of our beautiful faculty magazine....
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2 Bachelors; Tips and Tricks

20 Apr 17
Deadlines for applying for your studies are approaching! Are you still not sure whether to do a second bachelor or not? Right now, I am enrolled in 2 bachelors at the same time; History and Fiscal Law. This is not a combined program, I actually follow 2 bachelors. In this article, I will tell you how I do it, and give you some tips and tricks. ...
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Fantastic study spots and where to find them

7 Apr 17
By Romy de Wijs Although it doesn’t seem like it, the end of the year is slowly approaching. The stress you’re starting to feel about all the unfinished assignments; the money you still need to save up to pay for that summer vacation; the plans you need to make with friends now that the sun decides to show it’s face. Nothing will sound as great and at the same time terrifying like the end of a school year. I can’t solve these problems for you, but I can try to make your life a bit easier when it comes to the studying part. ...
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​The Exchange struggles: studying, snow and snacks

15 Dec 16
Seems like all good things indeed must come to an end. Although this is a little more dramatic than the reality really is, I just have to share that my bubble has been disrupted. I was flying high when it popped and now I have to come back to earth. I had to wake up from my dream and join the rest of the world in everyday life again. In normal words: I have to start studying....
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