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embrACE magazine is the magazine of ESHCC and faculty association ACE. embrACE magazine binds students with the faculty and society by opinions and background stories about culture, history and media. embrACE is published four times a year and articles will also be posted on the website throughout the year. All members of ACE will receive a copy of the magazine. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the magazine, please send an email to editorinchief@ifaace.nl!

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​The Exchange struggles: studying, snow and snacks

15 Dec 16
Seems like all good things indeed must come to an end. Although this is a little more dramatic than the reality really is, I just have to share that my bubble has been disrupted. I was flying high when it popped and now I have to come back to earth. I had to wake up from my dream and join the rest of the world in everyday life again. In normal words: I have to start studying....
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The girl who tries to do it all

7 Nov 16
​Last time I wrote about starting one of the biggest journeys of my life so far: exchange. Now it’s two and a half months later. I am actually in Ottawa and I freaking love it here. There is so much to do, so much to see and unfortunately too little time. How do you fit all that into just four months? I have literally no clue, but I do know that you should try to do as much as you like. Here follows the story of how I’m doing that....
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A letter to myself.

13 Oct 16
What happens when you start the dialogue with yourself? Who knows you better then you? I started a discussion with Me, and interesting things started to happen!...
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Exchanging stories and tips

31 Aug 16
Satisfied but tired I take a seat at the table and throw my feet on the first chair within my reach. After twenty minutes of shoving, stumbling and sweating my two suitcases are finally ready for take-off. While I’m taking a well-deserved break from stressing out over literally everything, my mom is making me my favourite dish for our family-goodbye-diner. I’m smiling when I realise that the moment I’ve been waiting for the last couple of months is finally there: tomorrow I’m leaving for my exchange to Ottawa, Canada....
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Rrrollend Rotterdam 2016

9 Jun 16
Food, drinks and fun. That’s the best description of the Rrrollend (Rrrolling) Foodtruck Festivals. From June until October, this festival with the most delicious dishes on wheels drives around the country to let people experience the joy of consuming dishes from all over the world. ...
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Summer lovin’: 5 tips for a great holiday in the city

17 May 16
​With the first summer day already behind us it’s time for some sunny tips to make your holiday unforgettable. And no, you don’t even need to leave the city for these! Who says Rotterdam can’t be fun during the summer? Our Editor Inge has lined up some student priced activities that will definitely make your time here worthwhile....
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How to deal with all the stress...!?

10 May 16
You can only think about work. Every time someone talks about summer, you can only help but wonder if you will still be alive by then. And you keep forgetting small deadlines or appointments. I will not even begin to talk about a social life, because the only relationship you can maintain is the one with your coffee machine. So already guessed what I’m talking about? Yes, stress!...
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​Marathon, marathang, mara-fing-fang-fong

15 Apr 16
Do you have the marathon spirit? Perhaps you already ACEd your rACE during the Charity run or tour around the country and live for marathons? No matter at what level of experience you are, there are other fun challenges to take on. Read on for some innovative exercises invented by our Henry Sung!...
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​RASL: Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab

25 Mar 16
Meet RASL, a chance to get your double degree in five years and where you don’t have to be the one to think about logistics since this is being done for you. Are you already enthusiastic? I thought so......
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Say what? The Ukraine Referendum...

23 Mar 16
You might have noticed that the Ukraine referendum is coming up soon. In exactly 2 weeks, Dutch citizens can vote in favour or against the Ukraine treaty. So what does that actually mean, and how did it came to a referendum? This article will look into exactly this....
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Seeking Vintage: Personal Stories

17 Mar 16
Why do people love vintage? This article is diving into the taste for vintage, looking at vintage fashion from two perspectives.The first of Caroline Poiesz, owner and designer of Very Cherry (a Rotterdam based vintage fashion store). The second perspective is the one of a customer. It is based on a conversation with Saskia Cluistra, a vintage enthusiast, customer of Very Cherry and history student here at Erasmus University. ...
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Rotterdam viert de stad

14 Mar 16
You may or may not have already seen it, the big Ferris wheel that has been constructed next to the Markthal. Why you might ask? Well it’s because Rotterdam is celebrating the city (and has been doing so since January)! But what is the occasion? Read more about it here......
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How to Get Through Dinner when You're a Student

11 Mar 16
To guide all the lost souls from days when you simply don't know what to cook, here are some easy and tasty meal recipes and some websites that can help you get through these days. In this article, I won’t give exact measures regarding the recipes. As I made them up myself or have heard them from friends, I think everyone is able to decide how much they want to eat and with whom. I promise these dishes won’t let you down. ...
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​Forever Young and Blonde: The Legend of M.M.

9 Mar 16
She is the ultimate icon of fame and beauty – the sex goddess of Hollywood. But perhaps the most enduring image we have of Marilyn Monroe is that of the dumb blonde. The image of the dumb blonde has surely taken a great hold over people’s imagination, and even after all the things that have been said and written about her since her death, the image still remains. But was that really all there was to her?...
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Game of Truth

1 Mar 16
Living in Rotterdam, you surely most hear a lot about soccer. The name of the Rotterdam team Feyenoord is hardly something the Rotterdammers keep quiet about. The fighting spirit of the team leads us to this Thursday at 8.45 PM at De Kuip and the Game of Truth. Continue reading to find out why!...
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The Vegan Chronicles: WOW Pizza!

26 Feb 16
It's Friday and in other words, well-deserved pizza time! Everybody loves pizza and even vegans cannot resist the wonderful taste and fulfillment that it brings. So good news if you are a vegan: You don’t have to miss it. ...
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​The Vegan Chronicles: Crumble my Apple

15 Feb 16
There are not many things in life that I am sure off. I am however sure that I can make a mean apple crumble! I have been making it since my teenage years and my entire family loves it. I never really knew it was a delicious vegan dish. I just loved the sour cinnamon apple with the sweet crunchy cook dough on top....
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What to do in February

8 Feb 16
I can imagine that these winter days make everyone want to disappear under the sheets of their warm, warm beds. I sure want to. But the ray of sunlight every now and then shows us there is hope. We just have to keep ourselves busy in the mean time. Therefore, I’ve got a list with events you don’t want to miss out on this month!...
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45th International Film Festival Rotterdam

27 Jan 16
‘Tis the season again! Yes, the 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam is kicking off again tonight! Witness the world premieres of 47 films from, and let’s be reasonable, directors/actors you probably never heard of. This year’s edition of the festival will also have a homage to deceased pop star David Bowie. For 11 euros you can watch the 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth starring Bowie himself. A debatable choice to say the least....
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About Exchange: An interview with Jasmin Seijbel

25 Jan 16
Last week, most students who applied for exchange got to know their final destination of the first semester of the next academic year! Are you one of them? Or are you perhaps thinking about going next year? Read on to find out more about Jasmin's experience in Italy....
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The Vegan Chronicles: Pancakes with Nutella!

19 Jan 16
Now that it’s finally getting a little colder in the Netherlands it’s time for warm comfort food. This recipe is yet again from the vegan queen Laura Miller and she demonstrates how to make pancakes with Nutella. Yes you can make your own Nutella. These vegan pancakes are very nutritious and have, yes you better believe it, homemade VEGAN NUTELLA! Have fun making this yummy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner… Oh hell it’s suitable for every moment off the day and for every occasion....
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Tough Internship?

14 Jan 16
It can be very difficult to find a suitable internship when combining it with courses or even worse: your thesis! This article will provide you with basic tips and tricks and some links you could probably use....
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In Haute Couture We Trust

17 Dec 15
When people think about haute couture, they think of fashion shows, models and Paris. But, most of us do not know what it ‘actually’ means and consists of; haute literally means high, ‘elite’ fashion, whilst couture means needlework or dressmaking. This is done by the most professional and experienced sewers and is fitted to perfection for each client. ...
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Dr. Ralph Bunche

14 Dec 15
This post is specially dedicated to Bunche (August 7, 1903 – December 9, 2971) because in this week, sixty-five years ago, in 1950, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for freedom as the first coloured American man. ...
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Finally, Annabel!

19 Nov 15
This month Rotterdam got a new concert venue! The completely renewed space was first used on Tuesday 3 November, with the Belgian band Balthazar as the opening act....
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