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4 Mar 18
Are you interested in becoming a committee member of ACE and do you have a keen eye for commerce? Here is your chance! Join our brand new Acquisition Committee. Yes, you heard it right. As of now, ACE is chasing paper....
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The Mystery of History: the Voynich Manuscript

20 Feb 18
By Polina Novikova - In 1912, an antiquarian bookseller Wilfrid Voynich acquired a medieval manuscript, which soon enthralled him. This mysterious codex featured text written by an unknown author in an unknown language and surreal illuminations drawn by an unidentified illustrator...
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Getting Lost in Rotterdam (Not in a Fun Way)

16 Feb 18
By Klara Weygand - ​I was lost. It was Eurekaweek and I just bought my bike. I hadn’t had the time to learn my route from home to the University by heart​. And even if I did, Eurekaweek days do not end at the campus. They end in clubs and bars that I have never visited and with me having no idea about my whereabouts midst Rotterdam city....
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23 Feb 18
House of Vineyard
27 Feb 18
Third General Assembly
1 Mar 18
Short Trip: Edinburgh!
5 Mar 18
Mosul Pub Lecture
8 Mar 18
IBCoM Awards 2018
19 Mar 18
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